Rome is the capital of Italy and one of the oldest cities in the world. Known for its millennial history, Rome is filled with monuments and archaeological sites that attest to its importance as a cultural, political, and religious center during antiquity. Among its most famous treasures are the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, the Vatican, and the Capitoline Hill. In addition to its historical wealth, Rome is also a lively and welcoming city, with a vibrant culinary, artistic, and shopping scene. With its cobbled alleys, fountains, and gardens, Rome is a fascinating destination for tourists from all over the world. 
But it is also chaos, solitude in the crowd. 
This is Rome, the eternal city.
Colosseo quadrato, dettaglio delle luci. - Square Colosseum, lighting detail.
Facciata di un vecchio palazzo. - Facade of an old building.
The san pietrini are the small white stones that pave the streets of Rome, caressed by the slow pace of time. With each creak, they tell ancient stories of a city that never ceases to amaze. They blend like an embrace, creating a carpet that leads to the secrets of the eternal city. Like dewdrops on a lawn, they reflect the light of the sun and the beauty of the sky above them. 
The san pietrini are a treasure that beats in unison with the heart of the city, bringing to life the soul of Rome in every corner.
Piazza del Vaticano, fedeli avvolti dalla luce. - The Vatican Square, worshippers enveloped in light.
The subway of Rome is a sea of sounds, a constantly evolving flow of people moving like waves towards their destination. The carriages are like magic boxes, enclosing a different world in each one, where people read, laugh, sleep and dream. The subway is an organized chaos, a symphony of voices, footsteps, and announcements that blend like a melody. It is a place where life flows, where people meet and part, where destinies intertwine and separate. 
The Rome subway is a place where life pulsates, where every day a new story is written.
Life is fleeting, like a flash of light in the darkness of night. But Rome, the eternal city, remains unchanging, with its monuments speaking of a distant past. The eternal city embraces fleeting life with its embrace, transmitting its wisdom and history to future generations. Rome is the testimony of the longevity of history and culture, while life passes like a shadow on the earth. This dualism between fleeting life and the eternal city represents the continuous struggle between the eternal and the ephemeral, stability, and transience. 
Between light and shadows. 
Between black and white.

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